The Nothing King

Hi Zbrush Central! Here’s my first post.

This character is called “The Nothing King”. It’s an exercise in hyperreal portraiture and was an opportunity to explore a personal concept of mine.
All sculpting was done in Zbrush, textures in Mari and Substance Painter, hair in xgen, render in vray, and comp in Nuke. I’d love some C&C!

Project can also be found on my Artstation: The Nothing King – Artstation Link


Brilliant work, why don’t you create a video for creation steps from the beginning to the end, maybe a youtube channel for your works.

Great idea! I’m actually in the process of rendering out a mini camera pan to go along with a breakdown video. I’ll post on here as soon as it’s finished :slight_smile:

All the best bro

Hi guys,

Here’s an update! I rendered out a few camera moves and put it into a sequence.

The Nothing King – Cinematic Breakdown

It’s up on Artstation also:

Incredible first post @Jared_Fischler, welcome to the community!