The New Alpha Library -- In the Download Center


One of the great things about ZBrushCentral is the incredible sense of community that we have. Not only are people happy to answer questions and help out newcomers, but many of you have gone above and beyond by providing free resources. In fact, so much free stuff has been given out that most of it is unknown – buried deep within the forum archives.

To remedy that, we have spent the last few months scanning through old posts to find the best of the best, gathering everything in one place and organizing the content for easy accessibility. Our first content compilation, the MatCap Library was a resounding success with literally hundreds of materials to choose from at the start and more added since.

But we haven’t stopped there! Today it is our pleasure to introduce the next major addition to the Download Center:

the Alpha Library

Organized just like the MatCap Library, the new Alpha section contains a huge number of grayscale images that are ready to be used in ZBrush. They can be applied to brushes, converted to stencils, made into masks, used for fog effects… and that’s just for starters! Alphas are one of the single most powerful tools in ZBrush, and thanks to the Alpha Library you’re sure to be able to find just what you need for any occasion.

[attach=133611]Library View[/attach]

Click Here to Visit the Library

While you’re there, be sure to also visit the other sections for MatCaps, Plugins, and Documentation. Come back often! We will be constantly adding new content to all the libraries.

Happy ZBrushing!






Sweet…thanks for releasing great collection of alphas

any ways to just download everything in 1 link? would be handy.

downloading in packs would be nice.
strange that there are no real fabric alphas.
also i know i’ve seen many alphas on zcentral that are not in that library.

Oh that’s a great idea, finally!
Thanks to you all at pixologic!

Cool – Many thanks! :slight_smile:
But I need to ask a question before I´m going to make a mistake:
Which is the right folder for Alphas? Zstartup -> Alphas?
And is there also a limit of 20-25?

Edit: Well, after a short time of thinking I remember the Alpha+Texture Loader.
Up to 250 images per tab…
I´ll download this Plugin now.

When I saw all these great Alphas I must have lost my sanity. LOL
Hope one day I can download some extra wisdom, too! :wink:

excelent new addition to the Download Center

Happy ZBrushing indeed :smiley:

Those hair alphas are pretty nifty.

Thanks :smiley:

That’s a great idea!
Finally, an alpha library all gathered in ZBC!
Thanks, really appreciate it! :smiley:

But agree with Spaceboy412, it’d be great to propose it in bulk download.

Thank you so much !!! :rolleyes:

This aught to help level the playing field…ahem…i mean…

Thanks for the alphas ,

I have the same request “any ways to just download everything in 1 link”, there are so many alphas in the library and it is tedious and boring to download individual alphas ,it kinda discouraging the purpose.

I guess this is the same for the matcaps also. Hope to see a single download like for each category.

This is awesome :+1: :+1:

great one again from the team

many bows to you

hail to the almighty pixo team

only one request from me

the back to gallery should be available at the bottom of the alpha library interface

it really hard to go to the top everytime and click on back to library

i know that for some thing good stuff like this you have to work a little bit

but its my request only otherwise you people know the best

it would make some peoples life easier

thanks for the great work it helped me a lot and others too i guess

as i always say keep em comin



How come when i try to download any Alphas or others (MatCap etc.) the site links to a blank page with:
(This server can only be accessed by the proper referring server.)

??? anyone else having this issue??


Brilliant :+1:

Thanks too the guys or ladies that sorted all that out.

cool ! thanks for sharing :+1:

Thank you!!! Again, 5 stars for the ZBC Team :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: !

well this absolutely rocks! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:

This is really sweet!:+1:

Many thanks to those who shared the alphas to begin with and to those who gathered them all in one place. :smiley:

Here’s a “but”, though! I am getting this error when attempting to download an alpha:

“This server can only be accessed by the proper referring server.”

I second the requests for a package download. That would be very nice.


Just wanted to add my voice to the request for an easily downloadable pack.

It’s greatly appreciated that Pixologic have done this, but if you don’t present it in an easy to download and install package, it just becomes something that only people with a lot of time on their hands can be bothered to get.

Thanks for getting them together like this!