the neck

This is a WIP I just started today. This is also the first time I have shown any of my work on this forum. I am calling him “the neck” for obvious reasons.



quick render with displacement in Mental Ray.




I just realized some distortion in the previous pic. I rerendered after recreating the displacement map with a higher resolution mesh.


It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on this. Here is some texturing and a quick render in MR using the misss_fast_skin shader and a bump that probably needs to be brought down a bit.


quick update.


A change in lighting and a new normal map.


I liking this one. Great exaggerated features. Do you plan on modeling the body?


Thank you for your response, as you can see, it’s slim pickings for critiques and feedback.

I don’t plan on modeling the body but I have the shoulders as a mesh all ready uv mapped, I am in the process of texturing it now and I will have that up hopefully in the next day or two.

quick update. I don’t think I like the colors of the sweater but tell me what you think. I also brought down the saturation in the flesh tone. I think I like this adjustment a bit better.


just for fun I decided to throw an ambient occlusion pass on this render to see the results. This is closer to the final look I want. Desaturated colors deep shadows. I’ve got a bit more modeling to do because I have decided what I am going to put as his “chest.” The shirt is growing on me.


Wow this is coming along great, i really love that second render of him with his shirt especially. The sculpting of the face is cool i really like the jaw and the way the bottom half of his face expands along with his neck so it kind of flows nicely together

I know you said ur not gonna do a body, but it would be really nice to see one, with some more clothing and in a pose so we can see his characteristics a bit more.

I imagine him as some kind of character from X-Men or something lol

I haven’t really thought a body through but I gave it a shot. Quick concept drawing.


This is what modeling I got done tonight.


The concept has such nice jesture to it… try and capture as ur modeling it… the head came out really well…

Nice concept drawing :+1:
The 3d part is coming on well but as your previous caller also commented getting the attitude that flows in the drawing back into the 3d is vital to make it all come together. Ah isn’t that always the case with line verses 3D.

Question: With hands that size won’t he burst his trousers everytime he searches for his loose change?


You’re right, I am straying slightly, I had a few minutes this morning to change the flow of his body. I changed his posture a bit more to closer resemble his attitude. I think it’s getting there but it’ll take a bit. Hopefully I’ll have the modeling finished in the next couple of days.

boozy floozie

Thank you and it’s true. It’s interesting the differences between 2d and 3d. You can get away with many liberties in 2d that you cannot in 3d. Damn problem solving.

Answer: I guess that would be a problem. Maybe he needs a companion, a small gremlin or something to get things from his pockets.

Here’s the thing that will bring good cheer - when v3 comes out your going to be able to make these kind of adjustments in body curve and attitude easily.
It’s going to help us all bring some of that sense of the drawn line back into our work.

absolutely. I cannot wait. I want it here now. I dream of the day in which I don’t have to use other programs to get exactly what I want or need. Hopefully the transpose tool, the flatten brush and being able to retopologize the mesh will get me closer to my moment of zen.

Almost there, just need to put some legs on him, get the goggles going and refine the belt.