the musician

Hi all.this is another illustration i did called the musisian.
Made with zbrush and painted in opencanvas ,I hope u enjoy it


looking cool
good job

He looks very very cool… :+1:
In my opinion only one thing… the pelvic zone is a bit more lowpoly and undefined in comparison with the rest…

Always very well done!


Wonderful piece and concept. Love the mood and the look of the picture. I was wondering what the dark lines were that are going down the pic and are they intentional? really cool piece.

I like the mood :+1:

ior-calin,(o)ne thanks man
piz , glad u like my stuff. thank you :wink: , you re right about more details
Seavannah thanks, i try to use the toolset as random as possible.

Excellent piece, I love the overall mood and colours. I hope you make the whole band Micro :wink:


very cool

Yeah, I was wondering about those lines myself - They’re distracting - It looks like the image is made up of several pieces pasted together.