The Monkey King

the link of the short film

This is my personal project, I spent about 2000-3000 hours on it, it is a huge project for me.

I did all from concept art, modeling, texture, rigging, fluid simulation, animation, lighting, rendering, composite.

I use ZB and Maya to create the characters and environments, and Mari for the texture. For the character rigging, I use Maya muscle and Posedeformer and some trick to simulate the skin sliding.

I use Realflow simulate the fluid (water, splash, foam, fog, cloud) and use Maya hair system and shave to simulate the hair and fur.

I use nuke for composite. I use Arnold for rendering. The average rendering time is about 4-5 hours. I have a Dell server (8CPU 4 units) , the rendering time make me headache :slight_smile:

I am a CG artist in China. I have been working in this filed for about 16 years, most of time I work as modeling and lighting artist.

This is my first time to post my works at Zbrush central, hope you guys like it :slight_smile:









:+1:so cool!
my friend! it’s nice to see you.

WOW That’s really a huge project! Amazing~~~~~~~

i really like the color and mood to this…AMAZING job!!! those landscapes are really great!

Very imaginative and beautiful :+1:

Incredible work.
You not only mastered all the software but you also used it creatively.
I subscribed to your YouTube channel immediately!

Hope to see more.

wow amazing Dude!

This is incredible…

Your the digital worlds Ray Harryhousen

Superb work as for one-man army. Congrats on finishing this and reaching the top row!

…magnificent! :+1:


Great stuff! I specially love the movement of the water as the winged goat moves through it; believable! thanks for posting.


Thanks guys for the feedback, I am refining some of the models in the short film to make them more realistic . I hope I can post them here soon :slight_smile:

Thank you so much,ministerart@hotmail.co.uk I am trying to be a great artist as Ray Harryhousen, he is the God:) I am still young , I have 50 years (at least I hope :))to practice ,to learn . I hope when I am 90 years old , people will say oh,this old guy is a great CG artist.

character_01_small.jpgcharacter_02_small.jpg wip screenshots




I am sorry for my English , I made a stupid mistake in my reply:cry:, but I’v already fixed that. If you didn’t see it, forget that :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

looks great work