The Mighty Zerelth - Bringer of The Abyss

Hi all ,

Zerelth was a mighty dragon in the middle ages , Bringer of the abyss and death … burning villages and domination .
I started sculpting Zerelth from 2 days and it was an effort but i’m so proud of this , Just used ZBrush , BPR render and PS for compositing .
any critiques are very welcome . hope you like it !

ZBrush | BPR render | PS


The Mighty Zerelth -  Bringer of The Abyss.jpg

ZBrush Document.jpg

ZBrush Document1.jpg

ZBrush Document2.jpg

ZBrush Document3.jpg

Awesome! Love the fire effect, but how does he swallow his food!?:eek:

[Thanks Sneil](http://www.zbrushcentral.com/member.php?351747-Sneil) , ah you didn't notice the throat because of the shadows and the gloomy material but that's a close-up shot

Cool sculpt. Maybe you could give those scale a bit more angularity with the polish or trim dynamic brushes.


Dude, this is awesome!

love the detail on this guy. :slight_smile:

Thanks laurie , i used trimdynamic , polish brushes yep but after the subdivision went so high reached level 7 it affected for sure .
Thanks AnthonyA85 , more hours were spent to get such details .