" Our protagonist is trying to deliver a critical message in a post apocalyptic world where most of the communication networks are destroyed, He Should fight his way through all the hardships and danger of a fallen civilization "

This concept has been in my head since 8 years ago and finally i’ve been able to start translating my thoughts into an artwork,
I’m happy with my progress and i hope to make more.

This artwork is Full CGI rendered With Arnold/Maya and modeled by using ZBrush, Marvelous designer and 3Ds Max,
I used some of Quixel mega scans assets for the Environment to speedup hte process.
Hope you Enjoy it

Some Assets i made for the project inside ZBRUSH


Spectacular post! Thanks for sharing all the extra images showing the details and parts. You’ve done a great job with this project.

Thank you Aurick, I’m glad you like it :pray: :blush:

Outstanding work, cinematic quality :clap: Good to see you posting again @Mohanad1001

Awesome work :sunglasses::+1::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:!!!

so much details / items :slight_smile: love it! great work

Just amazing! Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you so much Jamie, really happy you recognize my work :pray:

Thank you so much :blush: :pray:

I try to add details and work on them separately to include variety of techniques between sculpting and hard-surface, Thanks man :blush:

Thanks to you and the pixologic team :blush:

This is absolutely brilliant and inspirational. Keep up the awesome work!


Epic ! One wants to learn more about the messenger’s story !


great great GREAT!