The Mandalorian

After watching Mandalorian show I wanted his figurine on my desk.
He is entirely modeled in Zbrush.
Rendered and textured with custom made materials inside Keyshot.

For 3d printing set up, I Used my experience in Collectable figurine creation and keying. He is split into 16 parts. I like to assemble things and to get a clean print as possible in a small build volume LCD -based resin 3d printer. It is fun when you start putting all parts together like you get the greatest toy from Kinder Surprise.

I am sharing some pics of the final results hope you will like it.

I just need to do coloring of printed parts, but I will take some time for it …nice and easy.


Print came out very nice, great job on the fabric :+1:

Thanks.Glad that you like it.

Wish I got that in a Kinder Surprise :star_struck: Amazing work and excellent 3D print

Thank you.

awesome statue!! This is the way

Hey, Thanks, Solomon. Soon I will do some painting of printed parts so he can come to life.

Finaly I get some time and do painting on figurine.
I am also sharing original zbrush file.

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That’s quite a fabulous job on the paint :clap:

Hey, Thanks, Jaime.Glad that you like it.

great project! Turned out great. Now i need to rewatch the show

Thanks Michael.Glad that Mandalorian sculpt inspired you to rewatch the show .