The Making of King Arthur - A 3D Character Tutorial

KING ARTHUR is an Honourable Mention entry for ArtStation Challenge: The Legend of King Arthur. And I decided to make a short tutorial on how I made the character. This is not a step-by-step tutorial but I will show you some techniques, tips and tricks that I used, as well as my workflow on making realtime characters.
Along with this tutorial, I will have a DISCOUNT of 50% on every single product in my ArtStation store!
If you want to download the tutorial (without right clicking dozens of images) you can go to my store at: www.poligone.art/store and download it, for free of course.
I hope you learned something from this tutorial and if you have any suggestion or just wanna say hi, my website and pages here:


Outstanding 3D character Tutorial @poligone - Thank you for sharing your workflow insight. I like you diligent approach and subtle detailed research. Well done!


Thank you Jaime

Great work and tutorial!

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Amazing work! Thank you for showing workflow. I noticed many interesting tricks. Good luck on another works.

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Absolutely INCREDIBLE!

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A perfect example of a written tutorial, well blended creativity, logic and instruction that makes a resource like this very valuable to others like myself who would honestly prefer this format - if you tried to turn this into a video you would have to spend upwards of an hour in front of the screen- sincere and heartfelt thanks. That said, you have screwed yourself over horribly as well, since we now require regular submissions from you. Looking forward to it haha!

Thanks you so much making this tutorial ! What a piece of art you made !