The Making of 'Jester'

Hi all… Just finished an epic tutorial series on the making of ‘Jester’. :slight_smile:

It is available at Gnomonology: LinkThe first chapter ‘introduction’ is available for free download. (10min).

The other chapters are about $5/hour. I thought this would be pretty reasonable… I hope people like it. :slight_smile:

Also, here is the link to the ZBC thread about the image:

thanks for listening…

Awesome, i will be sure to check it out.

wow!!! 18 hours…thats so cool…I will try to build Jester for practising step by step…
that will be great…Alex, the CG comunity should be really thankful for everything u have done…almost everything I know comes from your tutorials and from gnomon dvds…I just tried to buy it but when I click "purchase all chapters; only the free one appears on my shopping cart, why is that? thanks

hmm… well, that’s not good. It was working earlier, but my developer had to fix an image display thing earlier and it sounds like he fixed one thing and broke another. doh! Should be fixed in the morning…

sorry 'bout that. Thanks for the support though! :slight_smile:


I think is very precious issue… have you added the Paypal possibilities? If not is accepted a simply prepaied credit card?

Anyway Alex very good work :smiley:

Can you please let us know when the technical guy has fixed the issue?
I’m ready to buy it straight away. Looks really good!