The leviathan

Hey guys,

My name is Colin Thomas this is my first time posting here! I’d like to share some sculpts I made for the teaser “The Leviathan” directed by Ruairi Robinson. I was honored to be a part of this teaser and got the chance to work with one of the most influential designers still kicking major ass in the industry…The legend himself Jordu Schell who created a traditional maquette which I used as reference to create the digital model. Thanks also to my buddy Maxence Fleuret [FONT=arial narrow]for helping out on the hair strands and the helmet for the orange suits! (you rock!)

lots of very skilled folks worked on this to bring it all into fruition! shout out to Ben Mauro for making some awesome concepts of the space suits!

p.s. last I heard, this was picked up by Fox and Simon Kingberg and Neil Blomkamp as producers! should be interesting!



Nice! Saw the preview and who doesn’t love a creature big enough to swallow a whole ship! Great work…

this should be top row right away :smiley: saw the video and I couldn`t close my mouth during watching it , congrats on doing such an amazing job

Beautiful creature!!! Really nice work you delivered, curious what Fox will do with The leviathan, the project looks and sounds really promising! Keep up the good work.

Fantastic work! I immediately thought of Jordu when I saw the teaser and seconds later saw he’s posted about it on FB. You’ve done an incredible job here. The balance of fine details and major forms is really excellent.

That’s an incredible amount of surface detail. The wrinkles and skin details are so intense. Kudos on the “proof of concept’s” success, and the opportunity to rub shoulders with the heavyweights, but its pretty clear you rank up there yourself. Please post more of the hard surface pieces if possible. And hopefully you will get a chance to continue your work on the feature once production starts. :+1:

Very awesome work from the audio track to the sculpted details and effects. Thank you for sharing. The video looks awesome. I would love to see the whole thing once it is done.

Excellent work on the creature! The entire project was really well done. Kudos. :slight_smile:

Amazing work.

I really enjoyed the short film until “Join the hunt” appeared on screen. Killing wildlife to expand human domination is not something cool as this catch phrase suggested.

While I enjoy the sculpts they are well done everything in that teaser is reiterative, I dont believe mixing other peoples designs is something that should be promoted.

So here are some of the hard surface stuff, Colin did an awesome job building the space suit as well.
Zbrush was used for a really quick sculpt in order to test the shapes first and see what needed to be tweaked and adjusted, on the whale we used fibermesh to test out the hairstrands, super easy easy to do using all the combing tools. Th
en a retopo, and render in keyshot for the last render.


The line flow on the helmet black and white is not very dynamic some graphic design skills or approach when constructing it would be of use, rather than a simple form flow of the of the helmet.

Hey Maxence, thanks for posting some hard surface samples and breakdowns. I rather like the ‘clean look’. Superb work on your website BTW. Congrats on the trailers success.

Holy crap!

Is that going to be a full movie?

What an amzing reward it must be to work on such a project.
In regard of your talent it is waaaayyyyy deaserved.

Really inspiring and motivating


Beautiful work! Congrats on making the top row! Love the teaser, too! I really like how it was filmed. The flying vehicles looked nice. Who produced them?

Wow! mind blowing!!

That teaser was…

Had to watch it twice it was that darn good.


…Stellar! :+1:

I was shocked at how quickly Fox considered this and made a play for it right after the short was released. It must have been a cool experience to work with such cool artists on this type of project??? Beautiful work on the creature!!! Awesome!!!