The Last of Atlantis

After the global flood almost wiped out the great civilization of Atlantis 11.000 years before. The last 56 of Atlantis survived. The sorcerers, warriors, scientists and some other atlants were among them… Even though their capabilities in technology, science and spirituality exceeded far beyond the levels that we have now…unsettled, untamed animal nature, love of power, ego and greed that posseses every spirit brought on to them The Great End. Use of supernatural spiritual and psychic powers that has limitless amount of capacity than bombs destroyed the civilization…

Now, little group of antlants are wandering around beneath the waves for many centuries. The remained group of antlants won the animal nature in internal war between their spirituality by thousands of years of practice and they were bestowed by the God with the knowledge of immortality of the spirit and the body. Years of underwater life has changed their physical body. Body turned almost like fish form that now we call as mermaids and mermans… They are Atlants.

Now they are helping the ones who is in danger, sharing the knowledge with the ones who are ready, saving the water animals as much as they can without being noticed. They want to prevent from the same disaster that they brought on to themselves. They want to teach the humanity The lesson… And The lesson is, “The power of love must overcome the love of power…”

On the image, The guardian Atlant."


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The quote is by Jimmy Hendrix: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”.

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