The Labyrinth of Language | Short Film

Hello everyone, we would like to present ‘The Labyrinth of Language’ a short animated project created by

  • Adam McAllister
  • Darren Porter
  • Alan Martin
  • Gerard Dunleavy
The plot revolves around a boy visiting a foreign land who inadvertently finds himself trapped in a labyrinth. The boy must then learn the local language and communicate with a surly grounds keeper to escape his predicament.

We have started this thread to share our creation processes and techniques with everyone and hopefully inspire others in their own projects.

Watch this space for more updates, meanwhile here are some pretty pictures :slight_smile:






Have been watching your other thread from the start and have loved the character design :). I have a few questions if you don’t mind, as I’m very interested in the idea of short films with a very small crew. Only four people were involved with it from start to finish, may you talk a little about what each person did? Like did you do all modeling, one person texturing, then one person rigging/animating etc? Thank you :slight_smile: can’t wait to see the actual thing.

thanks for sharing. I definately want to know more about this film. Please divulge more info! Looks really interesting.


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Hey guys, I am very happy to share the production details of our short with you all.
Its defiantly the less glamourous side of the creation process but production planning is very important if you want to make a great piece… and deliver on time!

The project had an extremely short turnaround, from start to finish we had less that 6 months to deliver the 90 second short.
To stand any chance we had to divide the tasks up amongst the four team members and aim to carry out as many tasks in parallel as possible.

The preproduction stage was carried out mostly as a group to develop the story and direction of the short. The whole team created character designs and concept art which we then brought together to define the look of the short.

When it came to the Production stage the first port of call was to get the characters Modeled, Rigged and ready to animate as soon as possible, Once the characters were ready the animators (Adam, Alan, Darren) could begin animating the shots using the previz as a guide.

The characters and environments were entirely sculpted inside Zbrush by Gerard Dunleavy, Zspheres were used to block out the characters using the concept art as guide, they were later retopologized inside Maya.
Decimation Master was used to get the majority of the environments from Zbrush to Maya, by Decimating the mesh quite heavily we achieved a nice stylized look to the models.

I will pick up on the process in my next post, and I can go into more detail about the sculpting process if anyone is interested, Meanwhile here is some concept art for you all to look at, goodnight everyone! :slight_smile:


really nice works, great to see this type of artwork, any chance for a step by step?:smiley:

This is great! Love all the styling. But please tell me that isn’t someone’s house… it’s not much bigger than, if you’ll forgive me, an outhouse.

Wonderful work, though.


Nice! Can’t wait to see more.

Really nice work in here.

so beautiful.
i’d like to see some Zbrushscreens,
looks really amazing!