The Key To... (WIP)

This started off as a Zsphere model and then I used edgeloop extrusions to add the low-res details and then a combination of projection master and the layer, edit/draw mode to add the high-res details.

Since ZSphere models can’t do closed loops, I moved the points close together in the area where the loop was supposed to be closed and exported and re-imported with weld points active to close the loop.

As always, any 121 welcome.


here’s the low-res model after adding the low-res details with edgeloop extrusions.




Very nice work. Looks very “Aztec-ish”, too. Maybe add superobvious gold material to it with specular highlights and very tiny material details? Yet this is quite The Key already, imo. : )

wow this looks great! any chance you could give us a zscript of your method in action?

like it very much! except that ugly cubic background :slight_smile: maybe some sort of stone would be better.
How exactly did you close “unclosed” edgeloops? Any suggestions how to control it?
thanks a lot.

I tried saving the ZScript when I was making this, but something went wrong with the script, so it won’t play back right. I’ll try making another one.

The background is just temporary. It’ll be in a different setting from a different perspective, eventually.

You can weld vertices in a model, by moving them close together so that they are either touching or almost touching, exporting the model as an *.obj and then re-importing using the weld slider in the import settings.

Thanks for sharing. I had not thought of that method. :+1: