The Jokers

Who’s excited for the Joker movie as much as I am?!
Can’t wait! Here is something I have been doing in my free times. I sculpted Joaquin Phoenix last year when first images of him playing joker were released. Recently I thought I better update my sculpt, do textures&all and put him with Heath Ledger Joker in one frame! How awesome is that? I’m sure Joaquin can pull it off as new joker, go get them brother :wink:


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As always amazing. Congrats.

Awesome Hossein! :clap:

Amazing sculpt and lovely render.

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.

Wow! Your likenesses are always spot on. Amazing stuff, as always. :+1::+1:

it was so cool ,iI really like Joker

I felt surprised when without the polypaint it’s only Heath Ledger, no Joker anymore, its of course expected, but nonetheless pretty cool transformation, i can really see the likeness accuracy.

Absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing.

John M.

this is a fantastic sculpt and rendering of 2 iconic Jokers - excellent work!