The Joker

Hi, Guys, This my new work a fan Art of the Joker inspired by the art of my friend Ivan Miskalo
This was a really fun model to do and very challenge try capture this very stylized and expressive 2d and translate to 3D.
All ways a big learning at this every new model, and need to say thanks for my another friend Dmitry Ten for helping me on the light the scene!
For more images and others works please go to: ARTHUR DUQUE



Hi, this is some working progress videos I made during the process

Here the first Step for this project I started with Zspheres, blocking the pose, and they split the body parts for easier manipulation.

Working progress


After finishing the model and accessories, I use the Transpose Master to collapse the entire model and give a small tweak to get most close to the 2d Concept


Model Evolution during the project.


:smiley: nice job arthur ,final result is stunning and i truly want to see this character in motion

Loving it! You really pushed it. Keep it up!!!:smiley:

Cool presentation man! love it :slight_smile:

Great work. I’m relieved to see something in a really original, daring style like this among all the hackneyed detailed realism in ZBC Top Row.

Really thanks, guys!

Awesome man!

Fabulous - such a fun image:+1: