The Joker - Kyle Hall

Hi there

Here’s my latest bust, Created from a single poly-sphere with the help of dynamesh.
I loved heath ledgers joker and think its one of the best characters in film today, though i was also struck by Rocksteady’s take on him in Arkham asylum.

I always thought however asylums joker wasn’t dark enough (No scars ect.), so here is my take on him, inspired by Heaths joker, Rocksteady’s Joker, and the animated joker, ive taken my favourite elements from all of them and put then into this sculpt.

Ill be doing 2 version witch will be both included in this thread as soon as the next version is completed. One with and one without make-up. Loved the brief scene from Dark Knight when you see joker without make-up so i guess thats what inspired me to do both.

Please comment :smiley:

The first: Joker-No Make-up:

Joker With Make-up: (Please note. Unfinished, Not final renders.)

Heres my sculpting process and texturing time-lapse:

PART 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixcRQRvs9ZY&feature=relmfu
PART 2 :








You have got that creepy joker look down. I like the idea of combining all of the jokers also. Good work man. Keep it up as I am anxious to see it finished.

Thank you, this thread will be updated so please check back :slight_smile: