The Incredible Hulk

Hello everyone, this is BH3D coming to you another day, showing another
3D modeling/3D printing work!
Today, we are here to show you the 3D sculpting of The Incredible Hulk!

The Hulk

3D Sculptings

In the Marvel universe, Hulk was a scientist who got hit by the gamma-ray, turning him into the monstrous being he is.

At normal, he is Bruce banner, a Brilliant scientist who studies gamma rays, but when he is angry, he turns into the green menace the Hulk!

3D Sculpting Details with angles

360 view of the model

Hulk takes over the conscience of Bruce and makes him not remember what has happened to him after the transformation, but he causes mayhem in the area where he turned into the Hulk.

With superhuman strength, incredible durability, and regeneration, anger-driven personality he is one menace that you shouldn’t mess with.
We did not create a 3D print of the model, but this model can still be 3D printed, and painted also!

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