The Incredible Hulk

Here is a sculpt for a private commission that I was asked to work on. I only worked on the face likeness and hair. The rest of the body, base and art direction were done by other talented artists.
“The Incredible Hulk”.
-Inspired from Louis Letterier’s epic movie and Dale Keown comics style.

I also wanted to attempt to colour it with polypaint just using masks.
Using an inverted Mask by Ambient Occlusion I was able to able to paint the crevices between the muscles.
I was able to achieve a tighter effect by using Mask by Cavity. This way I made the wrinkles and tighter forms a bit darker.
By modifying the values for Mask PeaksAndValleys I was able to achieve a dry brushing effect by masking off everything but the raised surfaces of the model. I gave this a lighter colour than the rest.

Once I had the paint job done I brought it into Keyshot. By holding the ALT key I could drag out materials onto my model while keeping the original polypaint information. A background and basic levels were applied in Photoshop.

I want to thank all the guys who worked on this. They did a great job.


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