The Incredible Hulk

Hi, this is my version of The Incredible Hulk. This was my first Zbrush model and this is my first time on the forum. I used him as a way of getting to know this amazing software. I started with a sphere , discovered Dynamesh and the rest is history. I then textured in Substance Painter and did a few renders in Marmoset, I hope you like him and I would welcome any feedback. I have many other [FONT=Verdana]characters in [COLOR=#cccccc][FONT=Verdana]the pipeline, I’ll start uploading soon.


![1 copy.jpg|1100x1600](upload://8kKNPCzcxzbsNC83ptymTdQQx9w.jpeg)![2 copy.jpg|1100x1600](upload://sONdF4kxr61wdxCN3fViASfgjP5.jpeg) ![3 copy.jpg|1100x1600](upload://1VUtErhKpKctf5rT61lRFRoUHNI.jpeg)![4 copy.jpg|1100x1600](upload://vWig6E96G76JlrZDUMkUXKP012B.jpeg)![4a copy.jpg|1100x1600](upload://72o2LhLU7ojinzcdrn9cW2unh2m.jpeg)![5 copy.jpg|1100x1600](upload://8nOudpnePXXQ8Lzm2ktB3yEkeqJ.jpeg)![6 copy.jpg|1100x1600](upload://uFgmZ5GDumXyd1U8su6cU8rLcEj.jpeg)![8 copy.jpg|1100x1600](upload://3PI4MzCwdxuR6eLoh7iNgAPaken.jpeg)


this is your first model in zbrush ? are you serious ?

this model is really incredible :slight_smile:

it make me wonder about your background in 3D…
You say it so simple…that it make me wish that it was so simple for me too :slight_smile:

Hi Lukasso, Thank you for your kind comments, I didn’t say it was simple…it took me a lot of time, a lot of frustration,
a lot of swearing and lots of late night tutorials to get him looking the way I wanted and to learn the software, and yes I do have
a background in traditional
sculpture and illustration and I’ve worked with 3D studio max in the past. Discovering Zbrush has been an amazing often annoying
journey so far and I’ve only just started. Thanks again and keep plugging away, at some point it just clicks.