The Hobbit - WetaWorkshop Design Studio work

Andrew Baker from WetaWorkshop here. We use Zbrush extensively here at Weta and I’m very pleased to say that a few of us will be able to share some of our design and collectible work here on this thread!

Zbrush was an extremely instrumental tool in our creature design work, in fact all of the creatures we designed were often conceptualized and finished right within Zbrush. I find the ability to get the concept in 3D is so valuable to the design process and really helps keep the look consistent throughout.

All this concept artwork I’'ve created started off with a Zbrush base to paint over, and then translated into a design maquette which for the Hobbit, myself and Greg Tozer handed over most of the design assets. He’ll be posting some of his Zbrush work here as well!

Often the design maquettes will even be turned into the collectibles for Merchandising as was the case for the Trolls. Which can be purchased from the Weta website here -
We also have the ability to turn the files into life sized sculptures which hopefully I will share more on this process soon about all our big displays which are put together by the talented team here at Weta. here’s a quick screen of the files that were used for the collectible and life sized sculpts.

All of this work can be found in the pages of the art of Chronicles created by Daniel Falconer at Weta over here -

So to kick things off, here’s a small selection of Concept work where I specifically used Zbrush… More to come soon and hopefully we’ll get permissions to release the 3rd film work as well :slight_smile:





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… and a few more images :slight_smile:






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Thanks for sharing!

Awesome work Andrew!. especially love Smaug. Cant wait to work with you guys one day :slight_smile:

incredible awesome works! thanks for sharing and inspiring!

Absolutely stunning!!! Smaug is so cool

Awesome work Andrew! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go sculpt some orcs :slight_smile:

Solid work.

jaw, meet floor.

That is trully something great!

Hey Andrew,

It’s always great to get the chance to see some behind the scenes from such amazing projects. LOTR is no different and it’s truly inspiring.
I hope you will be able to show us more and more of this.
Thanks for sharing!

Best regards,

great works dude :slight_smile:

great to see this fine collection andrew. i hope you will be able to show some of your godzilla work too (-more than what was shown at fxguide, preferebly:) ).

looking forward for what greg puts up.
keep all the fantastic work coming…


Awesome, awesome work!

Awesome, awesome, Stunning !!! thanks for sharing dude.

Very cool!
Are the real objects on the store made at Weta?.. or outsourced?

Weta workshop are my primary inspiration and goal as an artist, amazing work guys.

Awesome work!!! Thank you so much for sharing :slight_smile:

very cool thanks for sharing!