The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Hi guys

In the last few weeks I’ve been developing this fanart. Initially I was studying skulls and I applied some knowledge learned in Rafael Souza’s course.
I tested the cloth brush of the new ZB, textures in Substance Painter and the rest in Blender

I really liked the cloth brushes! :smiley:


funny :laughing: :skull:

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Haha thanks :smile:

This is charming work. The character modeling and style are really delightful. I sense a bit of Tim Burton’s influence? Really great!

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Thanks! Yeah! There’s a bit of him
I appreciate it :blush:

I made a Billy and Mandy reference the other day lol, man do I miss the old Cartoon Network jams! Great work! :skull:

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Ohh me too! They where pretty funny! Thx very much! :smiley: