The Great Red Dragon

Original Painting by William Blake. I left out a few small parts! This was sculpted in Zbrush using Dynamesh and Zremesher for remeshing. The final render was done in Vray with Vrayskinmtl.



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Now that is awesome :+1:

That’s really cool!

Adam, you’ve nailed the look. Going all the way back to Blake for your inspiration is not very common around here and quite refreshing to see.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Wetterschneider: Yer its an oldie. The original painting is pretty amazing.


Great work i’ve loved this character the first times i’ve seen in Hannibal series keep up :+1:

Now let’s see someone tattoo it on his back :slight_smile:


Would love to see a print of this, hopefully the other side’s just as awesome!


Cheers! I was working on the front but its not finished. I’ll post it up when I get it done.