The Golf Father

Not my first work in Zbrush, but my last in 4r7 :lol:

Michael 7 with clothing from a couple of different free clothing sets at ShareCG, as well as free objects from ShareCG, GrabCAD and SketchFab. Posed and GoZed from DAZ Studio, this was difficult to make because I’ve never played golf, and have no interest in it to speak of - so everything here is pure research. Made for a Father’s day card I had printed up at CafePress for me dad.

First time I’ve been somewhat satisfied with my efforts to sculpt clothing folds and drapery. The original objects from DAZ Studio:

Now I need to figure out 4r8 - specifically how to use Shane Olson’s custom UI (or replicate that layout) since I’ve grown so accustomed to it in 4r7 :confused:








Hey man!
If you can still change it: the golf club is faceing the wrong direction, turn it in his hands by 180° :smiley:

I can change it for future cards to be sold at CafePress, but my dad’s card is already shipped. Problem was, I was referencing golf trophies and the 2 best photos of golf trophies showed the club like this:

3321.jpg RST207-Billboard-Golf-Trophy-–-Male.jpg

But looking at the other trophies, photos and drawings, I see that you are correct. Well…you did notice that he missed the ball, right? The joke was that it was changed from a ‘World’s Greatest Golfer’ trophy - maybe holding the club wrong enforces that. Maybe?