The God Armour~

Hey peeps!
Finally finished this character, this was not based on any particular concept.
I wanted to sculpt and create an ancient gaudy armour.
Totally sculpted in Zbrush, the clay renders were taken from Keyshot and finally composited in Photoshop.
Initially I took references from the artworks of Ruan Jia to create the character.
Hope you like it!
Asahi a ronin mistakenly discovers an ancient dungeon where resides an abandoned armor which was used in the first battle between the Gods and Monster. Asahi tormented of living in the feudal state of his country dons the armor to battle the onis and the monsters which has crept from the deep womb of hell.
Hope you like it!



For this character I had created a bunch of IMM Brushes
you can find them here:


powerful work

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Very impressive work!!! :slight_smile: Love the Alucard Look.

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Thanks a lot @vahidahmadizb2016

Thanks a lot @brudva ! and yes, finally someone noticed Alucard!

Awesome work !!
How did you make this Hardsurface mesh model?
It just Crazy

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Thanks a lot! @Artist.M
I have already uploaded video on my work process
I masked and extracted the parts and used ‘polygroups’ feature to design and sculpt
the elements.
The video: https://youtu.be/pWOUlwHyGLk

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My work is ugly, but come to visit my work in portfolio link.

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Wow this is incredible. Thank you for sharing so much

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@Artist.M Hey, just checked your work. Lovely artworks!

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Thank you @PixoPaul ! Means a lot!