The Giant Jötunn (Viking Saga)

Jötunn one of the Giants of Norse Mythology. So after binge watching all season of Vikings got my inspiration and Animeschool Contest was the platform where it was executed. Hope you like it. Regards

! Wip_04a


@Talha_Shamsi Welcome to the community :wink:

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Thanks Man, altho I was afraid posting here, lol ZbrushCentral is the Mount Olympus for us mortals.


Cool interpretation of the Jötunn - solid sculpting!!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star:!!

Thanks, much appreciated :innocent:

I like the cartoony proportions similar to stylized characters mixed with realistic texturing and photoreal render - it just plays so well… love it

Thanks, that I was aiming :innocent: I will try to keep this style for few of my future works too, you know making a series, like I am doing with my Caricature Series will post soon.