~The Ghost Samurai~

Hey guys,

Finished this character recently.
Based on Carter Adair’s ‘~The Ghost Samurai’~…
Totally sculpted in Zbrush with adding polypaint and zmats for the render. CLay renders were taken from Maya Arnold.
Though I made some changes to the initial concept, by adding new stuff for his accessories and gears.

A bit of a story too…
~Yuigeirako Taeganamchi the vile son of tyrant Huigoshiro Taeganamchi, incurs a terrible curse for his sins from Hachiman and Amaterasu, which is to die and to then to take rebirth as a ghost… To unbound himself from this curse he has to travel through the feudal and vicious lands of Japan obliterating every evil, unholy and ungodly deed purging Japan out of the misery… Thus arrives the ~The Ghost Samurai~, redeeming his and his motherlands fate…

Thanks for watching!


What can I say… It’s just amazing

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amazing sculpt. I love the work on the detail. great job

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Speechless this Super !!!

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@Butterfly Thank you so much!

@Dark5tatic Thank you so much!

so amazing :heart: :heart:bro

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Amazing level of details bro. Loved it.

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@Kevin Thank you!

Thanks a lot @brudva ! Glad you liked it!!

Thanks a lot @subhratim_dhar !!

Thanks a lot @Ranjit !

Adding a timelapse of the statue sculpted for the pedastal.

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Woah! This is incredible! I love the high amount of details you put on it. A 3D resin statue would be awesome!

Thanks for the timelapse. I always learn some trick from watching videos like that.

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Hey, @imachinarium Thanks a lot!
Happy that you found the timelapse useful


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Hi @blakjac

Wow! This is really cool. Love all the details. Awesome! :+1: :star_struck: :+1:

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GRRAT WORK!!! :soccer:

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Thanks a lot @zber2 !!

Thank you @ZJC