The Four Horsemen - WAR - Neo-Apocalypse

New renders to celebrate the birth of the Neo-Apocalypse Universe! Learn more here: https://neo-apocalypse.com

I will be dissecting this models amoungst other models of the Four Horsemen during the Zbrush Summit 2022! Make sure to join the event!

For those interested, you can pre order the collectible figure of War (The Fours Horsemen) today! Produced with the collaboration of XM Studios : XM STUDIOS

The rest of the Fours Horsemen will be available soon!

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Artwork/Graphics by Beesub…

Concept, 3D models and renders by Marco Plouffe (Keos Masons)…

So came the first, clad in the rigid plates crafted by ourselves - its creators,
though now hardened by a praeternatural aura, strengthened by daemonic whispers.

As the horseman rode up it spoke, the message coming as a convulsive affront to the senses,
there were no sounds, there were no words, only a siege of horrific divination.

It said it was War, it had come to free our creations in the name of the created,
and as the legions of slaves we once commanded overtook us, our mistakes were made all too clear.

TM & © 2022 Keos Masons


Can’t wait to see it at the summit :astonished: :muscle: :slight_smile:

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Indeed Jaime!!

so cool :slight_smile: Summit Hype!

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Haha indeed!

You had me at “praeternatural aura”. :+1:

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