The Fortune Teller

Iranian fortune tellers aren’t rich actually they’re poor people and all of them are old women.
And people don’t ask them to tell their fate, actually they beg people people to read their hand and tell them their fate for a very cheap price.
Thank you Farhad Nojoumi to teaching me everything you knew and and helped me to grow up and find my way
You were the best Teacher I ever had.
Designed by myself
Sculpted in Zbrush
Rendered in Keyshot

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A lovely sculpt :+1:

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Great sculpt!!! you clearly show a lot of character in this work, not easy task. :clap:

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Thanks a lot for your kindness.
yeah, Making her personality was the most tricky tasks for me to design.

so much personality in this piece! Beautiful!

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I’m so glad you liked it.

Beautiful sculpt!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star:!!

Thanks body.