"The Fisherman"

The Fisherman, It is a story of struggle between two species from another world. For years, these bone fish the “GOLDOOM” have served as food for the entire town. The “KABURS” body full of huge scars is proof of the difficulty of his capture. Today “The Fisherman” will feed his family with the capture of his respected and dangerous arch enemy.

My new personal project carried out during my studies at THE EXTRA MILE COURSE by PABLO MUÑOZ GÓMEZ.

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very nice! :slight_smile: I can feel what kind of character she is, and she stroooong. lol

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Nice character piece! Love the fish. :+1:

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Yes !! haha, i really need more female characters in my portfolio. Thanks for the comment. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I was a little sad to hunt it haha. Thanks :slight_smile: