The First Snow

Happy new year 2021 ZBC!

Mo(its Chinese name),or baku (its Japanese name),a legendary creatures that can eat people’s nightmare since China Tang dynasty ,There are also such legends among Japanese folk. It can also brings lucky and happiness.
2020 is a hard time for many people ,just like a nightmare ,so let this Mo eat it!
Winter always will pass,spring is coming,Hope is always be here.


Exeptional as always mate! bravo @xuzhelong :slight_smile:

Beautiful sculpted detail on the fur! :+1:

Lovely as usual @xuzhelong. :heart:

Excellent start Zhelong :pray: thanks for sharing.

Awesome :+1: :wave:

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Beautiful Sculpt Zhelong =) Love the materials. Thanks for sharing =)


Nice! Very tapir!

Very emotional art. I know it’s only render but the background story is so heart touching… just Love it :heart_eyes:

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Insane gestures.High End Sculpt.Congratt!And thanks your good luck wish.

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Gorgeous, I love this!

Thanks man!

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Thank you!

@melissa Cheers!:stuck_out_tongue:

@Jaime Thank you so much sir,Have a nice day!

Hey Joseph,Thanks for your kind words! you guys ROCK!

Yes,I wish you all a great year!:slight_smile:

This is just perfect. Well done!

Cute ! It’s baby is rolling over and showing it’s belly ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

beautiful concept nd good job… :clap: