the Final Piece - image series

Hi Zbrushers -

I’ve started a new series called the “Final Piece”.
All elements will be created and rendered in Zbrush. Compositing and color correcting is finished in PS.
Starting from an original scene, I will change and add to to create new images.
I will update all new images in the series in this thread. Could be a bit of fun for me.

If you would like to see the Zbrush document I started from, you can download the zip file here (16.7 megs)
Feel free to adjust or add to the scene and post the images here.
The original scene was 4096 pixols high, I had to scale this one to 1500 pixols high to make it uploadable…<<<EDIT - I updated the scene to have two seperate layers, the robot and the background. It will make it much easier to mess around with>

I am starting this series with an image I call the Processor:

High resolution version available <HERE>

A few close-ups:


edit>> forgot black and white version (which I like) BLACK & WHITEprocessor_color.jpgprocessor_close_1.jpgprocessor_close_2.jpg

Fire-bot -

Just messing around with different ideas on this one:

Cool-bot -

Just purging a few early ideas on this series, the next ones will drastically change the geometry, etc. not just adjust colors and paint in elements:

Good feel to this one Meat’s. Looks like Robbie the robot on acid.

Top row as usual

Congrats :+1:

Hey man, you do everytime amazing work:+1:
I’ll waiting for your DVD (sigh, is a never ending story)to learn from you

hi meats u’ve deliver inspiring images every time and i love ur work :+1:
i’ve bought ur gnomon video and enjoyed watching them. Hope u can have the next advanced video soon then i can learn more from u about the techniques.:wink:

Impressionant of details! It is really swarming of small details.
I prefer the picture with flashes of lighting, and brain. It looks like a little Frankenstein of time future.
I have some questions:

  • It is completely realized with Zbrush? With Zphères?

  • How long has you needed to realize the scene ?

Good work, And soon has in DVDs Gnomon. :wink:

Keeping busy Meats??? Excellent work as usual, keep 'em coming, I now have a Meats file on my hard drive, very inspirational…:smiley:

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Meats you are an inspiration-your images are a cut above-what a pleasure to view.

Another beaut!..and a free gift to boot,

I can’t wait to play.

Thanks Meats.

Hi Meats… You’ve done it again :)… great concept… must say i really like the blue version… i’ll be looking foreward to see your next move … amazing as always…and thx for the gift… gretz from andy
p.s. copenhagen er very cold now :slight_smile:

…that you play with great pleasure with the capabilities of Zb! :sunglasses:

This robot’s very beautiful I love it. It’s such an excellent piece of art.


These are, of course, fantastic. I loaded the zbr file and did a best render which took a bit of time. I am working on a laptop with a 2.4 GHz processor and 256 MB of ram. Although you probably didn’t do alot of best renders along the way you must have done a few to fine tune your image. What type of computer/processor/RAM do you use with Zbrush and roughly how long does it take to do a best render?


whoa man. Don’t get me wrong, the your other zbrush works have been, both, complex and cool, but these are just in a league of their own!

i’m sitting here blown away.

random sidenote: wasn’t there a thread somewhere highlighting what renderpasses you usually do, and what specifically you’re trying to capture on each pass? I love your results and I think it’d be best to do a multipass render with my current zbrush scene in progress for the final image.

Meats…what can i say that’s not said already…what a great picture and your materials & lighting are perfect !
I will download your file as fast as my poor telephone-modem can handle !
Are all these forms you made Ztools and “Alpha’s-make 3D” …got any secrets to tell or is it “just” hard work ,talent and buy the DVD ? :smiley:
I would love to see a Zscript from you !


I think I like the first one the most but they all look very good.

Thanks for the .zbr, will definitely check it out.