The feeling of clay sculpting

Hllo everybody.

Apart from my current projects with Z3, here are some rough sculpts , using only the new brushes…
It was the first time during the creation of these modesl that i had the feeling to create without any constraint. It was like scribbling a rought sketch




cool…has a very slab of clay look and feel to it

I really like the why Z3 handles sculpting, don’t you? I dropped my mouth when I first used Z2. I was jumping around the house like a little kid when Z3 came out and I got to play with digital clay. Those preset brushes really do the trick. Nice work!

did you record your session?

cool work


Francois, what did you start out with as a base?
That’s a beautiful sketch. I wonder how feasible it would be to use Zbrush as a life drawing tool :slight_smile:

~Mike D.

It has a very nice clay feeling. I like the expression on his face :slight_smile:
I’d like to try more the new brushes , but my Rapid UI keeps braking… don’t know why.

Wow, love it, very Cool!:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Andreseloy : i didn’t recorded my sesion, but here is another one. You will have to restart Zbrush, before loading the zscript, otherwise, the brush setings will not be reseted (especially the Autosmooth, argh)

Frogspam : i started from a simple zsphere model

Undos : You will find the ‘new brushes’ under the Macros palette. You don’t need to switch to the rapid UI

Great sculpture! You are traditionally trained, aren’t you?

Nice work, the scultpting itself has as much (if not more) influence as the actual subject and pose. Really nice detail.

Thanks Francois !!
Very kind

ps: is so easy to record,itsnt:+1:

very nice looks like one of the bodys from that exibit “our body” keep it up.

wow…realy nice sculpting…nice anatomy structure…

Great sculpting all around, very impressive! :slight_smile:

Keep 'em comin…

/ Max

Wow, Can’t believe it’s CG. Looks too real!! I’ll try the ‘clay’ brush. Thank you :smiley:

That’s a yummy looking shader, any chance of sharing it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for sharing that script.Very educational. :+1: :+1: