The Faun and the pilferer

Hi everyone! I want to share with you this project, since the concept to the 3D print I tried to create a friendly scene with those characters doing something simple but fun at the same time.

What can we do when the racoon has a lot of apples on the floor but he wants your food ? of course! It´s time to play!

I tried to keep the scene simple to represent the more basic thing, not the design, not the colors, not the sculpt… the important in this scene is to see the happyness between those characters. In this stressful life sometimes we forget the basic and this is the most important thing in your life, so enjoy each simple thing!

I recorded several timelapses to share the process, for if someone wants to see the steps since the concept to the 3D print and finishing with a base created using super Sculpey.

Update: Painting the characters- Wip

Part -1 ( Sculpting the head and first pracice with Sculptris pro)

Part -2 ( Sculpting the body, Tpose)

Part-3 ( Working the pose )

Part-4 ( Adding details )

Part-5 ( 3D Printing )

And here you can find more images with the process: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0PPrK

I hope you like it!

Printed by : Javier Doses ( InkToys ) https://www.artstation.com/doses https://www.instagram.com/inktoys/?hl=es

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Really nice Zbrush work !

Really nice print ! (And your sculpey work also!)

What type of 3d printer was this done with ? (How big is the print ?)

Thank you for sharing all of the links and your work !


Hi DougE, thanks for your comment! It´s motivating!

To create the 3D print we used a Form2, I love this machine! About the size : H 12,5 cm, L 17,5 cm , W 10,5 cm ( H 4,9 In , L 6,89 In , W 4,1 In ) without the base, only the characters printed.

In the pictures we can´t see all the details printed but this printer is a beast with small details, in person you can see the small teeths in the racoon.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I first want to say I love this piece, and secondly thanks for sharing the process. It’s always cool to see how from nothing, you get something so cool. How long did this project take and who did the paint job on the print? Looks fantastic. The Form 2 is such a beast.

Thanks again for sharing.

Love your work.

Fantastic!!! I love it!

Thanks Selahposetic and Rogan for your good words!

I started this project three months ago in my free time ( I haven´t too much but enough to do small works like this, little by little ) and about the paint job, I´m still working on it, it´s my first time painting a figure so I have fingers crossed to finish the figure without problems…

Yes, Form2 is simply awesome, the quality and the printig volume are perfect!

Thanks again for your comment!