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■ Hi dear friends in ZbrushCentral :slightly_smiling_face:
This is my last work that I did it last month as a personal work.I worked it based on Prof. Mahmoud Farshchian paintings, He’s a persian artist. In his works, form and color have reached their highest level and I every time seeing his works, I find a Feels good.

This project is a 3d print style work and a 3d persian miniature. Hope you like it.
■ Software: ZBrush, Keyshot, Photoshop.

■ You can see some works from the Prof. Mahmoud Farshchian, Here:


Beautiful and elegant Fine Arts (and delicate sculpting)! :clap::clap::clap: Thank you for sharing some of your process.

Your welcome dear, Thanks a lot for your comment. :pray:

:ok_hand: one word…amazing,what a beautiful and flawless flow, well done:cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m glad that your comment this is, I appreciate you, dear Kiarash.

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it’s so nice that i can’t say anything except oh my GOD! i really enjoyed it especially for bring a persian painting to life! it is so valuable. thank you. persian stories and legends is full of beautiful myths, environments and characters that need guys like you for giving them new life to know them better. keep going man. good luck:blush::blush:

I’m so grateful of your comment dear friend, Mr. Sayadi. :wink:

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Wow … just beautiful …Really Beautiful …

Thankful Buddy! :pray:

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mer30. khely khob shode kiarash jan . ham detail ham render fogoladast. ey val

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Thanks a lot bro, But I’m Not Kiarash!

Love the flow feeling of this composition, is such a fine piece of sculpting. I absolutely love it!

Thanks a lot for your comment, Dear friend. :wink:

Beautiful work @3dcube!!! Congrats!!!