The face of a terrorist!

Hey guys, Im making a terrorist for my job. Up next is his beard! Any crits/tips would be helpful. Thanks!





If he’s a terrorist, why does he have to have a beard? A terrorist can look like anything. He looks like Liam Neeson in profile, you should make a portrait of him. :+1:

Liam neeson sideview indeed :smiley:
But didnt you know ? Every terrorist has a beard!!

really? I spent 2 years of my life downrange collecting them up,I guess the ones without and the female ones didnt have a chance to grow them before we caught them. :stuck_out_tongue:

face looks good…but ,anyone can be one…not only whats the US vision of what one looks like(long beard,ect…)
Colleen LaRose,Timothy McVeigh,ect…

He totally does look like Liam neeson lol Thanks guys!
I “fixed” up the face a little bit, i think it looks a little better now.

Since everybody is crying about it!!! Behold the beard!






Attempted to touch him up a bit… Im really trying to make the beard look real, but it’s tough… i am looking for any help anybody can give me on this because when it comes to making hair in Zbrush my skills are limited. I don’t know any tricks or anything like that so if any of you know of any good tutorials or tricks that i can use to make a really clean realistic beard i would more than appreciate it.


His face is pretty much done. Progress on his Man-Dress


the head looks nice. but you need to break the symmetry on him.
You’ll probably want to push in the forms you have right now. Basically commit to the sculpt, push in those wrinkles more. A strong gouge into the mesh then use the inflate brush (very low Z) and pull the form out a bit so there is a touch of overlapping happening. Basically, think about what gravity does to our skin over time. You need to try to emulate that. Also, if the character is going to be for an animation you may want to model him with his eyes closed…or very relaxed…about to fall asleep. It will leave more mesh to deform up into the eyelid, as well as the texture is compressing while his eyes are open, rather than stretching when they’re closed.

your first attempt looked much better on the beard than the current one.

There isn’t really a trick to doing hair in Z…just time. Find the damien standard brush and use that with a negative Z. Slowly build up the main forms of the hair and then start to go in with the standard brush with lazy mouse on. Build up the smaller forms…then the smallest forms. 1 stroke at a time. An alpha isn’t going to really help when doing hair.

Think about how you have to sculpt hair in real clay. You can’t just grab a fork and go over it…or it will look like you took a fork to it. You have to go in and painstakingly sculpt in each strand piece by piece.

anyway, good luck.

why every terrorist need to have a beard
:confused: :confused: !!!

and why he need to wear a muslim man dress

good work:)

This whole view of terrorists is starting to get a bit old, but hey, I guess that’s not what this thread is about. What job is it you’re doing it for?

For the beard, google Rick Baker’s Gnomon video “The Biker”, which is a good video with a beard part. It’s $20 dollars to buy, but well worth the money. Right now your beard there doesn’t really look much of a beard. More like random scratches in clay. Your first attempt at it was way more interesting.

For this job of yours, is this a realistic style you’re going for? Photorealism? Slightly stylized?

Thanks a lot Goast! I’ll try to apply those and keep it all in mind.

Eastman: I work for a company who makes police and military combat simulators. So it’s not really my call what the terrorist looks like you know? I am not intending to re-enforce a stereo type but just trying to get paid and do the best job possible along the way. Thanks for the tutorial i’ll have to get it. As for the job, it’s supposed to be as photoreal as possible slightly stylized is okay but im getting as real as i possibly can. Again im new at most of this so i know it’s not photoreal now but im working towards that lol.

Hey guys, so i tried to make a few quick changes but my boss is riding me to get this guy done. I’ve started the retopolgy process so any crits you have aren’t able to be implemented but i would like to hear what you think so i can use it in the next project and to let me know if the changes i made are for the better. Thanks for the help and input!