Hey guys, it has been a while (again) since my last post here… it has been a very busy year planning and working on the brand new program of The Extra Mile course but it is finally ready and I just opened the doors for enrolment!

Here is the page for the course: https://theextramilecourse.com/

Here are some renders and WIP images of the character I created as a demo for the course, his name is Aliku Nadû, meaning "The Clever Repairer” in old Akkadian language.

This concept above is rendered with Maverick Render

Here is another cool version using Blender Cycles

These are just some poses I produces following my ZBrush to CC4 workflow:

And here is the clean sculpt in ZBrush before details:

This is a very high-level reference of the workflows that I cover in the course (obviously ZBrush is a big part of it):

In fact here is a quick timelapse of the compositing process in Photoshop using just ZBrush render passes and some cool blending techniques:

And in case you were not at this year’s ZBrush summit… the Mimaki guys 3D printed a full colour 30cm version of the character in a single piece that looks sensational:

I have other images in my ArtStation in case you want to check them out.

And on a semi-related note… we are currently running a very cool art challenge in my discord where you can participate and design a ‘sidekick’ or ‘companion’ character for the TEM main character and win very cool prizes from XenceLabs