The Exalted

The project was sculpted and modeled in Zbrush. I used Zmodeler to make the crown, and retopologized the head inside Zbrush using Zmodeler as well. The details were sculpted using HD Geometry workflow, and made some custom brush from the crystals, pores, skin surface details. For texture, I painted them in Substance Painter using multi-UDIM workflow. I used Redshift as the renderer for this piece. Felt Redshift was very stable, and handled all the 8K textures I had for displacement, normal map, and bump maps without any issue.

Fantastic job! Thank you for sharing

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Thanks @ZMichael! :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice. I love all of the little details you put in this piece. Thank you for sharing so many images, including the close up images.

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@PixoPaul - Thanks Paul, means a lot coming from you!

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