The Endless Desert

I used Zmodeler and Nanomesh for the Structure.
displacement map and IMM brush for the ground.
A lot of Npr filters for the lines.
But this Time I also used a lot of 2d tricks in photoshop to get a better line quality and better coloring for sure.
also diged a lot in the work of the legend Jean Giraud Aka Moebius.


can someone critique my work and tell me what I need to work on more?

Nice work!
I recognized your inspiration immediately from the composition and coloring.
You might be able to simplify the landscape even more as your figure gets a little lost in it (particularly in the black and white version).
It might be an interesting exercise to recreate an existing Moebius drawing in ZBrush to get an appreciation of the tricks he used to focus the viewer’s attention.

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Thank u Ser, I really love your idea and agree with it A lot ,I’ll give one of the moebius drawing a shot and see what’s happen. any particular drawing u like to see?

great concept amirrrrrrrr

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I’m honored that you like it sir. :heavy_heart_exclamation: