The Eagle Project

As a sculptor, I was commissioned to create a digital sculpt based on provided concept design for further manufacturing and installation.
I worked closely with the architectural engineer and was responsible for making adjustments to the sculpt to ensure that it meets engineering requirements: wing curvature as per wind study, the weight of body parts is distributed as per blueprints, making
adjustments to steel armature placement inside the sculpture etc.
The final sculpture stands approximately 50 feet tall and weights about 7800 pounds. It can be observed at the intersection of: Younge street and the Esplanade in Toronto, Canada.
High res photos can be found at: Mishakovalenko.com



That is one of the most impressive things made with help of zbrush. Amazing job and project. I love it!

Great reading the blog post too. Anything more about the production pipeline outside of zbrush would be lovely to read :wink:

Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic job. Also congratulations to whoever conceived the idea, sculpture and architecture should come together like this more often.
If you have any more images of the fabrication process and materials used that would be great as it’s always welcome to see how ZBrush is relevant to the physical world.
Hope you get more work like this.


Great work, thank you for sharing.
As i am a CNC operator i would appreciate if you could share
with us
”what machine was used to mill this model?”
”What base material is used?”
”What covering is on the model?”
”What would the life expectancy be for this model?”
and lastly…
”Who made it?”
Thanks again for putting this out there.

That’s amazing! thanks!