The Devotees

Hello everyone,

I have been working over the last few weeks on a new series of illustrations. I am trying to deviate a bit from the load of industry work, and experiment with new styles and forms.

The modelling has been done solely in Zbrush, and I thought it would be nice to share with you the latest renders.

You can learn a little more about the concept behind the piece on my Artstation:


And if you feel like it, you can help me out a little to make those kind of artworks by supporting me on my freshly made Patreon:

Cheers !



This is fantastic :fist:

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lovely work. :+1:

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This is a rather unexpected piece, and refreshing. There is so much that can be interpreted in this amalgam of people. I like how you’ve sculpted these characters, how the lines define emotions. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks a lot Jaime. I have my own underlying theory about it, but the point was indeed to leave it open to personal interpretation.

Amazing concept and reinterpretation. Thanks for sharing!

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this is an amazing piece! awesome job

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Thanks a lot everyone !