<The descent from the cross>

This is my first serious big project which is called . The oil painting was painted by Peter Paul Rubens.
The first time i saw this painting, i was totally shocked and even could not tell the excat feeling. As you could see, the painting contained many emontions, such as depression, desperation and helplessness.
So i decided to make a 3D version to express my understanding and feeling.
Now here is it. Everything you can see was made by Zbrush. I enjoyed every seconds of using zbrush and appreciated the convenience that Zbrush brought.
Definitely my idea, my creation will get bolder and bolder with Zbrush in the following time.
In the end, i am deeply grateful to my rootworkshop’s teacher Yang Guang for helping me overcome lots of difficulties.

an :wink: :heart:


This is amazing @GaoShiJin, thanks so much for sharing.

Impressive sculpt! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your compliment Melissa

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Thank you for your compliment Jaime

Great!outstanding !super fascinating!Thumbs up!


First, this is mindblowing. So inspiring to newbies like me. Congrats sensei o/

Now, colour is only polypaint? Highlights, darkness,… are awesome. If there isnt postproduction, simply you are a wizard. Poweful wizard :smiley:

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Thanks for your campliment bro

Thanks bro

Excellent work, I think Rubens would be pleased !

beautiful rendering of a famous portrait.
only… is Jesus not a bit too much of a muscleman?
Jesis Christ Superstar?
Jesus Christ Superhero? :grinning:

Really, that’s amazing! I take off my hat. :wink:

Masterpiece. Very well done!



Very Impressive work, great knowledge of anatomy and sculpting!
It is rendered in Zbrush or External render, if you don’t mind me asking?