The Decapitare~

the Decapitare~

Hey folks,
~recently finished this character,
based on a concept I stumbled upon in Pinterest : https://in.pinterest.com/pin/304344887320435928/
the Decapitare~ an outlaw in the gothic lands of the North, he travels amidst the cold winters as the redeemer, purged through the trial of fire, ice and magic, he poses the power of wielding two reverent Axes, and several other godly and unholy powers to redeem this treacherous earth out of it’s vile fate.
Sculpted, poly-painted and rendered in totally in zbrush, clay renders from Maya Arnold.
and composited in Photoshop.
Thanks for watching!


Solid sculpt, good gear elements too. :muscle:

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Thank you so much @Jaime !!

Amazing work! Super inspiring, love all the details you put in, composition, the raven. I wonder how long it took you to make this piece?. Cheers!

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@Artcadev thanks a lot! it took almost 2-3months to finish this character, as I couldn’t work continuously on it.

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Great Sculpt and Great breakdown :slight_smile:

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Sick details! :slight_smile: feels so nice to look at

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Thanks a lot @brudva ! Your art inspires me a lot!

@Pixo_Daisuke thank you so much!!

Amazing Work brother! the amount of work u put in each of ur pieces is just WOW.

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@Nafi_Dynamo Thank you so much!

Good concept great sculpting :innocent::+1:

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Thanks a lot @Ash_Kumar