The Dark Knight Triumphant

This is my first post to zbrush central. I decided to create a homage to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Triumphant cover. I wanted to give it a more graphic style with clean shapes (to contrast the tears, wrinkles and folds).
This was rendered out in 3Ds max, and finished off with some sprinkles of Photoshop. I hope you like :slight_smile:


wow real nice, looks just like him, man i had a shirt of this for like 15yrs, anyway the only thing i could say is the background really takes something away from this, also maybe loose some of the warm colors in the lighting.
“back off man, i’ll kill the kid, believe me” BLAM! “i believe you”

Saw this over at CG Talk. Nice tribute to Frank Miller’s version of the Dark Knight. :+1:

Its my new desktop at work. Had to tile it though since it wasn’t quite the right proportions.


beautiful character

That is pretty friggin wicked!

:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Really very very nice.

niiiiiice textures/render.


Awesome work bud!

Peace-NickZ. :slight_smile:

It’s veeeeeeeeeery impressive!!! excelent textures, awesome render!! :+1:

Absolutely f-ing perfect. Period.

Beautiful work…:smiley:

very cool job man

freakin’ AWESOME… totally nails the frank miller version! man… well done.


Brilliant! Very inspiring. I just found my new desktop wallpaper. :slight_smile:

Wow amazing job…very inspiring indeed…love the clothtextures and bright colours

was it posed in 3ds max as well? oh and did you render it with v ray or another rendering software.

Excellent work! I love the cloth! The whole model rocks!