The DaddyMack Stack

Hi all you ZPeeps, DaddyMack here, I’ve been ZBrushing since 2005 and it’s the one app in all the apps I use that still blows me away… I’ll be posting lots of my work here, usually with workflow vids too. I’ll try to collect all the video links and add them to this post as I go.

Hope you like my stack:)

This piece was created mostly on the train with my tablet pc over the last 2 weeks. Hope U like

Here’s a turntable render from 3ds Max




Nice piece, i like the water effect… Maybe you should try adding extra water streams separating from the main wave to add more to the illusion?

nice work, I think the female character needs a little touch of texture or a subtle shader. Nice sculpting on the water dolphin.

What type of tablet are you using?


Hexadecimator… Thanks mate, I agree about the water, it’d be cool is she had some coming off her bod and fins too. I’m thinking that I’ll 3d print it so I needed to keep it a bit simple

Morph Division… Hey a sydneysider!.. I made it for a sculpting challenge over at Gnomon, one of the rules is no texturing. I agree tho, I played with polypainting her and it was soo next level. I’m currently working on an acer c312xmi 3yrs old and nothing really that special. If I stay under 2 mill per subtool it runs smooth the whole time

Hi guys this one was just a bit of fun a little while back… I think she’s sexy

Hope U like


Very nice works especially the last one… she’s …one lethal lady!

SolidSnakexxx… Thanks mate the maneater was good fun

Here’s a little piece I made a while ago, called the caterpillar king

Hope U like

Nice works! :+1:

The big fat girl !!!
Souvenir !

New woman in my world, I plan to keep her, hopefully the piece speaks for itself, let me know what U guys think yeah?.. Any criticisms? I’m planning to get it 3d printed in steel and glass





Brokenheart: Here’s a character I’ve been chipping away at slowly going toe to toe with my mate Kanga here


Let me know if anything needs attention before I dress her?


I’d work on the lips of your female faces. They all look like they are stuck out in some odd way. Not quite pursed, but something like that. I think it’s really holding back the feminine beautiful quality they almost have.

And your woman with her head tilted waaaaay back, I think the neck needs some more defined muscles. With a pose like that the skin is stretched super tight and you can see all sorts of muscles and veins and ligaments. Also, her breasts don’t seem to be hanging correctly, but it’s hard to tell which way is really down with the piece so I might be wrong.

But overall this is cool stuff!

Thanks Scrybe… your eyes and insights are most appreciated. on it!

Here’s a wee gem that pwopped outta ZB4 today




i love your blue dolphin and milk woman…
really nice work:+1:

Great Jobs Rob !!! please show more my friend !! <img src=“”>

artstudio3… Thanks mate, they were both fun to push out

m0delista… Thanks mate, more soon as I make time

Here’s a little self portrait as a turtle I did a while ago


and a little design of a tormanted girl I made called Lily


Ha she looks great mate!
I think the link to the stack page might be broken, it was for me.

Cheers man.