The correct way of character production (?)

I’m wondering what is the correct way of making characters ready to export to render software or just stay in zbrush.

Let’s suppose:

Dynamesh - to built a base mesh
Dynamesh high poly (but not to high) - to build some more details
Zremesher - to get low poly, clean topology
Reproject - to get back our details (this time we achieve subdivisions)
Unwrap - When we still have a symetry *
Polypainting - Just paiting stuff
Posing - Breaking symmetry point
Sculpt - Little resculpt details
Maps - Baking maps for external software

* I’m not really sure about Unwraping, what size, resolution, morp target should I use.
I can not understand this process.

Did I miss something?
Is this a correct way?

Share your own technique! :slight_smile:

That sounds like a perfectly sensible way to do things. There’s always more than one way and some people may vary the order a bit. Different outputs sometimes have different considerations, but I’d say you have a textbook workflow there with the exception of mesh creation, for which there are many different options.

I would add one step at the beginning. I would zsphere first rig first. Then build dynamesh off of that. I also am no expert, just a hobbiest. I render in zbrush, will most likely render in KeyShot when the bridge releases later this month.

Create ZSphere Armature resembling shape desired
View adaptive skin, if happy make skin.
Select skin and edit with available techniques.
Build up from a solid base mesh and then subdivide when needed.
Dynamesh has it’s place but don’t get hooked on it.

You are not the boss of him. If he wants to get hooked on Dynamesh, what’s it to anybody else? As long as you understand the limitations, it’s a fantastically powerful tool that I personally get quite a lot of use out of, especially for hard surface work.

Let’s not force our own biases on a perfectly simple inquiry.

Doug is just enthusiastic, Spyndel. He means no harm.

But in Zbrush, there is no right or wrong way to do something. Just a matter of preference.