The clown

Hi ZBrush community!!

My name is Aritz and finally I´ve decided to join this incredible forum hoping to learn as much as I can from you guys.
As an introduction, just say that I´m a kind of a wannabe 3D artist, dreaming to make a living in the 3D industry somehow. As you will notice english is not my mother tongue so I apologize in advance!
In the other hand I will be really grateful to receive feedback from you to keep improving and I hope to give back as much as I can!

This is one image I did some time ago. Almost entirely done in Zbrush, I started with a generic basemesh and shaped and posed early on as I had a quite clear image in my mind of what I was looking for.
The texturing side was a bit tricky. I used zapplink to project the facial texture but what took me most of the time was the tatto wich was an idea I found once I started to give more appeal and contrast to the character. Finally after trying different styles and workflows I decided to polypaint it by hand, stitching together different subjects I found.
I did a couple of renders on keyshot to test the textures and lightings. Then I moved to maya and rendered with mentalray with proper lightrig and shading.

Final render

And a couple of texture and light tests

Hope you like it, and if not please point it out!!





Hahaha, love the concept!

Made me laugh, thank you for that :slight_smile:
I’m excited to see more projects from you

You’ve got some awesome textures and render detail in this, nice post! :+1:

Oh wow I really love it! Good job on the expression and just the whole composition in general! It has so much personality, that’s awesome!

Great work! Nice gesture, pose, expression, texture…everything sells it.

Outstanding work. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to see what you post next.

You realy rock. Fantastic concept. Keep posting