The Centurion

Hey everyone. I wanted to share one of my latest works with you. This piece is featured on the cover of 3D Artist Magazine issue #80. I had a lot of fun making this guy. This was my first time using the awesome ZBrush to Keyshot Bridge. I was really excited when it was first announced that zbrush and keyshot were joining forces and I was not disappointed. It’s such an awesome tool for artists that just want to create pieces without having to deal UVs, complex shaders, or time consuming lighting setups. I got to focus on all the fun stuff and had a lot more time to add the little details that I like to put in. Anyways, hope you like it.




Great work mate, how’d you go with keyshot? Was it a smooth process? Every time I’ve used the bridge to keyshot on a complex model with lots of hair, there is always a point in the process where my computer just hangs. I would love to be able to use it though, results look great!

Yeah, I ran into that at first as well. Try splitting up your heavier subtools. Keyshot has a threshold of how many polys it can import at once and will choke on pieces that are too dense. I decimated most of my subtools to get around this problem. Hope that helps!

Awesome work!
The amount of detail on the armor is incredible. :+1:

great work.

Nice sculpt

Jaw dropping, incredible detail!

So you’re the artist who created the incredible centurion. :slight_smile: I love 3DArtist magazine, although it’s difficult to find in my area, unless somebody has a subscription.

Anyhow, I’ve admired the cover art on the current issue several times – if I can ever get the tablet to cooperate, was planning to nab it.

I’m sure the breakdown of your process is a wonderful and informative read! Congrats on the cover and on a fabulous piece of work. :+1:

it’s time you turn the top row incredible work

Perfection really. I love it so much, your attention to detail is outstanding. :slight_smile: