The Birth Of Venus


It seems something different happens here. I think it is better to start a new topic instead to update an old one.

This is a project I did for JAMIESHOW INC last year. It will be 3D Printed out to make a statue. I did some texture on it just for fun. Cheers.

(upload://uoBqVhM6fyQkbjV2txTVqLasE1q.jpeg) ![b-(8)|1200x1565]


Very nice, matches the painterly style well. It would be very interesting to see the prints once they’re done

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Looks absolutely fantastic! Love the textures and presentation. Great work!
Ben | 3D Gladiator




@diijaii Yes, I am looking forward to the results too. I will update the pictures later when it finish 3D printing.
@Ben_3DGladiator Thanks for your kind words, Ben.
@marcus_civis Thank you, Marcus


It seems something different happens here.

It seems we are now releasing singles and not albums. The shame of it is I miss not being able to see all your lovely work in it’s collective context.

That said your Venus is wonderful :sparkling_heart:

Bravo and best wishes,


@boozy_floozie Thank you, Really appreciated! Glad you like it.




WoW! Gorgeous piece @StevenJia



@Predator2020 @jaime Thanks.


Stunning! Feels like porcelain.


Thanks, Archie. Actually, What I`m trying to do is a painted bronze statue, and have some gold coated on the hair.


Really amazing work.


Nice work. I like the render atmosphere…




@Deepak_Sharma, @leandrojsj, @Diego.Addan, Thank you, guys.


Each time your post pops up on the feed I love it all over again. :heartpulse:
This morning I find myself admiring just how sweetly you captured that oh so definitve hand gesture.


Thank you, Boozy, I think the original work of this painting is really a genius. I was trying hard to depict it as much as possible indeed. I`m glad that you like it.