The BeehiveMan

Hi All!! This is my first post and model. Only modeler, no textures.
Is The BeehiveMan.
I hope you like it. Thanks

HColme3 varios.jpg

Welcome and it is an interesting start. :wink:

Looks like infested terran from Starcraft game. Good start! Welcome aboard.

What an idea! Welcome and have fun down here and with Zbrush!

Hi All!!. Thank you very much.

Others renders…HColm. Bronce2.jpg


HColm. 2 Bronce2.jpg

Great idea for a character. :+1:

Forget about the cavity shader, texture him up in projection master instead and stick him in a scene to breath life into him.

Tip: putting an attractor zsphere on the back of his heal should improve the foot mesh.

Is that one of the Eight Devils of Kimone I see? Looks great!